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Personal Computers 

There are so many hardware configurations and software packages in the market today, it can be hard to determine what solutions are the most cost effective for your company.  With our years of experience we can help you choose the best hardware, software and work flow process to save your company time and money. 

Server Computers 

Do I need a server? What is an inexpensive way to have internet access for all of my employees?  Do I need internet security?  How do I easily share files?  Can I afford to give everyone email?

These are some of the questions DCS can answer for you.  Our experienced technicians can help you decide if you need a server and what type would best fit your needs.

Help Desk 

Do you have growing computer support needs but don't yet want the hassle of managing an IT support staff?  If so, our remote Help Desk may be the solution you desire.


If you need to be able to share information between computers in your office, we can help.  Networking your computers together can be less expensive and easier than you may think.